Home Owners

Here at Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control our clients and their homes ' are always our greatest concern. If you suspect that your home is being invaded by any type of pest or under attack from a possible termite infestation, your best solution is to contact a licensed pest control expert.

We here at Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control will design a customized treatment method in order to cure your current pest infestation. Once we gain control the noted pest, we can also offer you an extended warranty against a possible re-infestation.

Our Treatment Process

Here at Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control, we will go the extra mile in order to insure that we prepare a treatment recommendation that is not only in line with your household budget and lifestyle, but we guarantee that we will work tirelessly in order to present you with a pest free structure. With our wide range of traditional as well as environmentally conscientious treatments, you can rest assured that you and your home will be taken care of from start to finish by our team of highly trained inspectors, technicians, and our friendly office staff. Contact us 24 hours in order to schedule a free inspection.

Call today for a free estimate, or order your inspection online.

Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control is Licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board, Lic. # PR5890. Each of our inspectors and technicians are licensed and continue to have ongoing training to keep us at the forefront of our industry.
CA Licensed Pest Control Operator