Ants are incredible creatures and one of the most successful insects on earth. In nature, ants are a primary source of nutrition for many animals. They aerate more soil than the earthworm and take advantage of every conceivable environmental condition and can be found in every area of the world except for the polar ice caps. However, carpenter ants have been known to cause structural damage to homes and businesses. As they prefer moist damp wood, moisture is the key component to look for if you suspect that you have a carpenter ant problem.

Pharaoh ants have become a very serious nuisance pest in hospitals, rest homes, apartment dwellings, hotels, grocery stores, food establishments and other buildings. They feed on a wide variety of foods including jellies, honey, shortening, peanut butter, corn syrup, fruit juices, baked goods, soft drinks, greases, dead insects and even shoe polish. Pharaoh ants may carry organisms which can cause disease. They are usually much harder to control than other ants because of their ability to disperse. Control is difficult and often long term (months to years), depending on the building size, wall voids, etc., especially in hospitals and food plants.

The worker ants are about 3 millimetres (0.12 in) long and can easily squeeze through cracks and holes no more than 1 millimetre (0.039 in) in size. Queens are two to four times the length of workers. These ants will set up quarters in the ground, in cracks in concrete walls, in spaces between boards and timbers, even among belongings in human dwellings. In natural areas, they generally nest shallowly in loose leaf litter or beneath small stones, due to their poor ability to dig deeper nests. However, if a deeper nesting ant species abandons their nest, Argentine ant colonies will readily take over the space.

Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control Will Perform the Following:

Perform a thorough inspection
Identify the species of ant involved.
Determine where the ant colonies are located

Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control will then advise you of your treatment options

Treat the ant colonies directly if possible.
Use baits for ant colonies that cannot be treated directly using baits designed to eliminate the colony.
Recommend a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly schedule, especially in the case of Pharaoh ants.

Don’t Purchase Retail Ant Baits! Almost all over the counter baits sold at local hardware and retailer stores do not contain the same levels of attractants or ingredients as the baits professional use. Even though the package and the advertising make incredible claims regarding performance of the product, consumers waste millions of dollars annually on these types of ant bait products that just do not work. Although aerosol sprays will kill on contact, that will do little to the ant colony which is the source of the problem.

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