The common House Fly and the Bluebottle are both found throughout the world of which there are over 100,000 species. Flies can bring a large variety of diseases into contact with humans. The female fly will lay her eggs onto a food medium, usually rotting organic material or meat. The larvae stage completes in about a week, followed by the pupa stage, and then after approximately 1-2 weeks the adult flies will emerge and the cycle continues. Severe infestations can occur under the proper conditions and can pose an enormous health risk if left unchecked. Killing adult flies may reduce the infestation but the elimination of breeding areas is key.

House flies do not bite or sting, yet they can cause irritation and illness. A fly can carry up to four million types of germs. They transmit germs on their sticky feet and through the digestive tract from garbage or waste matter to whatever else they land on, even onto your food!. Flies are usually attracted by odors, and can travel long distances searching for food.

Note: electronic fly devices are NOT recommended around food or living areas as they generate a very fine, highly contaminated dust.

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