Real Estate Agents

Here at Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control our goal is to protect all parties involved during real estate transactions by doing so we have created business relationships with brokers, realtors, loan officers, lenders, and homeowners. We here at Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control are the virtual "One Stop Shop" for the real estate industry relative to escrow inspections, affordable termite treatment, and affordable damage repairs. We have implemented systems that have allowed our clients to receive flexible pricing, unparalleled service, and the proper solution for any real estate need. Weather you need a termite inspection or work completed ASAP or an honest opinion of what shape a property may be in, we will work with you in order to have your needs met.

Our Objective

We here at Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control take the hassle out of escrow related transactions. Our years of experience with the real estate market have taught us a very valuable lesson. That lesson is that, the timing is the key with working on real estate transactions. With that being said, allow us to limit the calls you have to make in order satisfy this escrow requirement.

We will lift the burden of finding a qualified contractor to take care of your real estate related transaction. This will allow you to get back to your core competencies. Which is should be selling real estate.

For over a decade, our inspectors/project managers here at Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control have met and exceeded the standards for termite inspections throughout the state of California. Through the utilization of our experienced and qualified inspectors we can offer you the reliability and dependably your real estate transaction needs and deserves.

How Do We Differ From The Competition?

Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control has always been the preferred choice in regards to timely and budget conscience escrow inspections and repairs here in Southern California. Structural Pest &Termite Control Services is extremely dedicated to the Real Estate market. Nearly 80% of the repair work is performed in-house by or own carpenters (the remaining 20% of work will performed by our sub-contractors, which will be managed by our inspectors/project managers here at Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control.

Benefits for the Real Estate Professional:

If you have the need for an unbiased opinion for a residential, commercial, industrial or multiple unit property that is listed, or will be listed don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Call today for a free estimate, or order your inspection online.

Geek Shop Termite & Pest Control is Licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board, Lic. # PR5890. Each of our inspectors and technicians are licensed and continue to have ongoing training to keep us at the forefront of our industry.
CA Licensed Pest Control Operator